1. Department of Statistics, University of Kerala
Kerala had a solid statistical heritage from the 1940s with the formation of the Department of Statistics at the University of Travancore under the leadership of Dr U. S. Nair, the first Indian to receive a PhD in Statistics. He received his PhD under the guidance of Dr Jersey Neyman, a pioneer in the Statistical Testing of Hypotheses. He was the examiner of Dr C. R. Rao for evaluating the MA dissertation submitted to ISI. Dr U. S. Nair was a close associate of Prof. P.C. Mahalanobis and Prof. Abraham Wald.
The Department of Statistics, University of Kerala, established in 1945, is the second oldest University teaching department in India and is committed to advancing knowledge and learning through teaching and research in Statistics. The founder Professor of this department, Dr U.S. Nair, had streamlined the Statistical system in Kerala State by organising and founding the well known “Bureau of Economics and Statistics”, which is known presently as the “Directorate of Economics and Statistics” of the Govt. of Kerala.
Apart from imparting training in advanced topics of Statistics to its students, the department has also been catering for the Statistical requirements of the Govt. of Kerala. The Department of Statistics, University of Kerala, has the prestige of producing world-renowned Statisticians like late Prof. K.C.S. Pillai of Purdue University, USA; Prof. A.M. Mathai of McGill University, Canada; Prof. Thomas Mathew of University of Maryland, Prof. E.M. Paul of ISI Calcutta, Prof. P. Krishnan of Alberta University, Canada, Prof. C.M. Sucheendran of University of North Carolina, USA, Prof. Vijayan of the University of Australia, Dr Zacharia, K C., Demographer, World Bank, Dr N. Krishnan Namboothiri of Michigan University (Demographer and Sociologist) and several others. One of the contributions of Prof. K.C.S. Pillai (alumni and a former faculty member of this department) is known in the literature as Pillai’s Trace, a compelling and extensively used Multivariate test statistic. Other reputed Alumni include Dr N.U.Nair, Dr G. Raveendran, Dr K. Narayanan Unni, Dr K.K.Jose, Dr E.Sandhya, Dr T.V.Ramanathan etc
Former Heads of Department namely, Prof. Aleyamma George, Prof. R.N.Pillai, Prof. Jacob Sunder Raja, Prof.T.S.K.Moothathu and Prof. P.Yageen Thomas had contributed significantly to statistical research in India. The Department is now well known for its theoretical contributions in Distribution Theory, Time Series Modeling, Study of Inequality Measures, Point Estimation, Order Statistics etc. The present expertise available in the Department are in the areas: Order Statistics, Distribution Theory, Characterization Problems, Concomitants of Order Statistics, Ranked Set Sampling and Reliability Theory.
2. Department of Economics & Statistics, Govt. of Kerala
The Department of Economics & Statistics, Government of Kerala, is the state’s nodal agency responsible for the systematic collection, compilation, analysis, objective, interpretation, and dissemination of statistics relating to various Kerala economy sectors. Kerala is one of the states in India having a well-organized statistical system. The dept had its origin in the scheme ‘Improvement of Agricultural Statistics’ started in 1949 as a Post War reconstruction Scheme under the Dept. of Research in the Travancore University.
After integrating Travancore and Cochin States, the Travancore Cochin State Government constituted the Board of Statistics in 1951 with the Director of Research as Chairman and the Secretary to Government Food and Agriculture and the Professor of Statistics members. Secretary to Board of Statistics also appointed in 1951. Dr U. Sivaraman Nair, Professor of Statistics and the Head of the Department, was designated as the Director of Statistics. The professor of Statistics at the University of Travancore was appointed as Director of Statistics
in addition to his duties in the University.
In 1956 District Statistical Offices were established in the four districts of the erstwhile Travancore-Cochin State. Consequent to the re-organization of the states in India and the formation of the State of Kerala in November 1956, a portion of the statistical staff of the Madras State was transferred to this Department. In November 1957, the activities of the Department were extended to the Malabar and Kasaragod areas by establishing District offices and Taluk Offices in those areas. In December 1958, the State Government set up the Bureau of Economic Studies to carry out research studies on various sectors of Kerala’s Economy and render advice to the Government on its economic issues. The Bureau of Economics and Statistics was formed by amalgamating the Bureau of Economic Studies with the Department of Statistics with effect from 1st August 1963.
3. Kerala State Planning Board
In October 1967, the State Planning Board was set up with the Director of Bureau of Economics and Statistics as the board’s member Secretary. Most of the work related to the State Planning Board was done by the Bureau of Economics and Statistics officers till 27-05-1972. When the Director of Bureau of Economics and Statistics was appointed as full-time Member Secretary of the Board, he relinquished the Bureau of Economics and Statistics post. From October 1967 to May 1972, the Board and the Bureau functioned together as one entity. In 1980, the Bureau of Economics and Statistics’ name was redesigned as Directorate of Economics and Statistics vide GO (Rt) No.366/80/Plg. Dated 8-8-1980. The Directorate of Economics & Statistics is the nerve centre of the State statistical system. Director is the technical and administrative head of the Department. Being the statistics authority of the State, he functions
as the authority for collecting, processing, and disseminating all statistical data relating to the State economy. In technical matters, he is assisted by three Additional Directors, and an administrative officer deputed from the Secretariat on administrative matters. For dealing with statistical work, there are various divisions in the Directorate, which are headed by Joint Directors and Deputy Directors. A division is further divided into sections, each dealing with a specified subject area. Each technical section is headed by either an Assistant Director or a Research Officer. Depending upon the workload and nature of work, each section is operated by one or more Research Officers and Research Assistants and a few compilers. Each administrative section is operated by one Administrative Assistant assisted by Senior Superintendent and
Junior Superintendent.
Besides the Directorate, there are 14 District Offices, each headed by a Deputy Director. The Deputy Director in the District Offices is assisted by one District Officer, one or more Additional District Officers, one Price Supervisory Officer and one or two Research Officers. There is a Taluk Statistical Office at the taluk level, which is the lowest statistical unit in the State. There are at present 61 Taluk Statistical Officers and staff under them.
Besides the Department of Economics and Statistics, Kerala’s statistical system also includes the various statistical cells working in various Departments of the State Government. At present, the statistical cells are working in 41 Departments of the State Government. They are manned by personnel drawn from the Department of Economics & Statistics as temporary additions. These cells collect, compile, analyse and disseminate statistical data relevant to the functions and needs of the concerned Department. These
cells are headed by officers in the rank of Joint Director, Deputy Director, Assistant Director, Statistical Officer or Research Officer depending upon the volume and nature of work. We have a full-fledged Computer-Division to shoulder the burden of compilation and report generation.
4. Support For Statistical Strengthening Project (SSSP)
The Support for Statistical Strengthening Project (SSS), earlier called as India Statistical Strengthening Project (ISSP) for strengthening the Statistical system in the country, was launched as a follow-up measure of the recommendations of the National Statistical Commission (NSC) chaired by Dr C. Rangarajan. This project is a Central Sector Scheme whereby the Government of India shall be giving grants to State Governments for carrying out the necessary reforms and strengthening of the State Statistical System, which would include not only the Directorate of Economics and Statistics but also the line departments which are involved in the process of statistical data collection.
The central vision of the project is to equip the State Statistical System for timely dissemination of adequate, reliable and credible statistics on economic, social and environmental aspects at all the required levels of disaggregation within its decentralised structure to enable objective decision making within and outside the Government, stimulate research and promote informed debate on all aspects affecting the lives of people.
5. Kerala State Strategic Statistical Plan (KLSSSP)
The Government of India has launched India Statistical Strengthening Project (ISSP) to provide grants for State Governments to carry out necessary reforms and strengthen the State Statistical System comprising DES and line departments. The project is primarily aimed at supporting the implementation of the vision of the Indian Statistical System to provide within its decentralised structure; reliable, timely and credible economic and social statistics to assist decision making within and outside the Government, stimulate research and promote informed debate relating to conditions affecting people’s life. The project also aims to facilitate the process of enhancing the role of the State DESs to provide for effective coordination of statistical activities within the States as also to assist the line Departments and data producing agencies to improve the quality and coverage of data being collected and promote their use at the state, district and local levels of administration.
The Department has been declared as the nodal agency for all statistical matters in the State, including inter-alia co-ordination of statistical activities of various line Departments vide GO (P) No: 16/9/Plg dated 23rd April 2009. This has been done to generate quality data for objective planning and policy formulation in different policy areas. As per the guidelines of ISSP, the Government of Kerala has prepared the Kerala State Strategic Statistical Plan (KLSSSP), which lays out the road map to strengthen the statistical capacity across the State Statistical System. The government of India have approved the KSSSP project report, and the Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Government of India and the State Government on 16/3/2012. Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Govt. of India has released the 1st instalment of Rs 937.122 Lakh during the year 2011-12, and the amount has also been revalidated for the year 2012-13, and the implementation of various activities in the MoU starts during the year 2012-13.
6. Dept. of Statistics, St. Thomas College Palai and Other Colleges
St. Thomas College Palai was the first among affiliated colleges in India to start M.Sc. Statistics in 1959. It was followed by Govt. Victoria College, Palakkad in 1960. The Department had produced eminent alumni like Dr Bovas Abraham, Dr C. Peethambaran Kartha, Dr N. Unnikrishnan Nair, Dr N.J.Kurian ISS, Dr.K.R. Muralidharan Nair, Dr.V.K.Ramachandran Nair, Dr.K.K.Jose, Dr R.Ravindranath, Dr M.R.Sindhumol, Sri. T. K. Jose IAS, Ms. R. Girija IAS, Sri.James Mathew ISS, Sri. P.C. Cyriac ISS, Ms Sunitha Jacob ISS, etc.
It was followed by Calicut University, CUSAT Kochi, NAS College Kanhangad, Nirmala College Muvattupuzha, Maharajas College Ernakulam, Farook College Calicut, University College Tvm, St.Thomas College Thrissur, KAU, KUFOS and so on. Now about 20 colleges are offering M.Sc. Statistics or M.Sc. Data Analytics in Kerala.
7. Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Govt. of India
Dr N.J.Kurian ISS (1964), Mr Francis Mathew ISS, Mr P.C.Cyriac ISS, Mr James Mathew ISS, Mr Saji George ISS, Ms Sunitha Jacob ISS, Ms Bindu S. Nair ISS, Mr K.S. Rejimon ISS, Mr Sidhil Sasi ISS, Ms Honey CH ISS, Mr Vibeesh E.S. ISS, Mr.C.F. Joseph ISS, Mr Jose Kurian ISS, Mr Vishnu Raj ISS, Mr Cyriac George ISS, Mr Rony Jose Kokkat etc. are our alumni.
8. Kerala Statistical Institute, Trivandrum
The Kerala Statistical Institute (KSI) is registered under the Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act 1955. KSI was established in December 1977 as an autonomous non-profit organisation by a group of professionals in statistics, economics, management, and education, under the inspiring leadership of late Prof. U.S.Nair. Dr Nair was a pioneer in statistical theory and applications, for whom propagation of the use of statistical methods in all fields was a mission. Late Dr N.T.Mathew, who played a significant role in founding KSI and shaping its functioning over the years, was the Director of premier national statistical bodies, like the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO).
9. Kerala Statistical Association
The Kerala Statistical Association (KSA) was formed in 1979 by a group of College teachers in Statistics for professional development after attending a refresher course in Statistics held at Cochin University of Science and Technology. The founder President was Prof. K. Ramakrishna Pillai, Head of the Dept. of Statistics, St. Thomas College, Palai and the Vice President was Prof. R.N.Pillai, CUSAT. The General Secretary was Prof. M.Sreekumar. They decided to publish the Journal of Kerala Statistical Association (JKSA) in 1980. Dr R.N.Pillai was the founder Editor. So far, we have published 31 issues of the JKSA. Annual Conferences, Regional Seminars, Workshops, Dr U. S. Nair Memorial Statistics Quiz for UG students Etc. are held regularly.
Prizes and awards are presented for Best Researchers. Its former Presidents include Dr R.N.Pillai, Prof. J. Johnson, Dr K. K. Jose, Dr P. Yageen Thomas, Dr N.Balakrishna and Dr K. Jayakumar. The present President is Dr.C. Satheeshkumar.
10. Indian Society for Probability and Statistics
The Indian Society for Probability and Statistics (ISPS) was formed as a national level professional society in 1981 with Prof. G. Sankaranarayanan of Annamalai University as the founder President. Prof. M.N.Gopalan, IIT Mumbai, was the General Secretary, and Dr A. Krishnamoorthy of CUSAT was the Treasurer. Prof. R.N.Pillai became Vice President and Treasurer Dr.T.S.K.Moothathu became Treasurer. Later Dr N.U. Nair (2002-04) and Dr N. Balakrishna (2020-22) became its President, Dr K. Muralidharan became its General Secretary and Vice President. Dr K.R.Muralidharan Nair as its Vice President. Dr Sreekumaran Nair became the General Secretary of the Indian Society for Medical Statistics (ISMS). Dr T. V. Ramanathan (Pune), Dr.K.K.Jose (CU Rajasthan & MGU Kottayam), Dr K. Muraldharan (Baroda), Dr K. Jayakumar ( Calicut), Dr P.G.Sankaran (CUSAT), Dr M. Kumaran (Kannur), Dr.M. Manoharan(Calicut), Dr C. Satheeshkumar (Kerala), Dr Sreekumaran Nair (JIPMER), Dr Sebastian George (Kannur), Dr Joby K. Jose(Kannur), Dr Abdul Sathar (Kerala), Dr M. R. Sindhumol (Madras) etc. became Heads of Departments in various University Departments. Dr Sandhya E. won the Young Scientist Award of Indian Science Congress in 1990. Dr.T.V.Ramanathan (1991), Dr.K.Jayakumar (1993) and Dr Lishamol Tomy(2007) won the Jan Tinbergen Award for Young Statisticians by International Statistical Institute (ISI) the Netherlands.
11. Kerala Statistical Commission
Following the National Statistical Commission, the Govt. of Kerala has constituted the Kerala Statistical Commission for monitoring and ensuring quality and reliability in official statistical data and all statistical activities in the state. The first Chairman was Dr A.M.Mathai. The present chairman is Sri. P.C.Mohanan, a member of the National Statistical Commission.
Thus Kerala had a solid statistical heritage in Official Statistics and Academic Statistics. We have contributed significantly to theoretical and applied areas statistics. Statisticians from are Kerala has made significant contributions at national and international levels.


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